Watch This: House of Cards Intro - Chicago Style

Watch This: House of Cards Intro – Chicago Style

Anyone who is a fan of the show House of Cards knows the intro of the TV show with it’s beautiful time lapse video of Washington D.C.

Well, someone has taken a time lapse video of Chicago that was originally a beautiful masterpiece by itself and transformed it into a Chicago themed intro for House of Cards.

It’s so perfect you would think there is a new House of Cards season coming to Chicago……

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Tesla to raise $1.6 billion for ‘Gigafactory’

Tesla to raise $1.6 billion for ‘Gigafactory’

The money will be used to build what its founder Elon Musk has dubbed the “Gigafactory” and for production of a more affordable, new mass market vehicle.

The massive Gigafactory is expected to produce more lithium ion batteries annually by 2020 than were produced worldwide in 2013. Those batteries, and the reduction in their cost, are vital to Tesla’s ability to produce a cheaper car in numbers…

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WWE Streaming Wrestling Network Launched in the US

WWE Streaming Wrestling Network Launched in the US

Here’s some good news for all wrestling fans. WWE streaming wrestling network is to be launched in the United States soon on the web, across steaming devices and on mobiles.

Live access is on offer on monthly pay-per-view basis. You will be able to access thousands of hours of on-demand content for just $9.99 every month. This is a huge shift in the business model of WWE. They are not going to…

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US Planning Complete Withdrawal from Afghanistan

US Planning Complete Withdrawal from Afghanistan

The Obama administration has informed the troubled Asian country that it is thinking of complete withdrawal from Afghanistan by the end of the year unless of course a security agreement is signed before that.

Statements made in recent times by President Barack Obama and Chuck Hagel, the Defense Secretary, shows their impatience with Hamid Karzai’s refusal for signing an agreement that would allow…

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Crazy Wealth, 5 Countries That Are Poorer Than WhatsApp

Crazy Wealth, 5 Countries That Are Poorer Than WhatsApp

WhatsApp creators are surely grinning now. Facebook recently purchased WhatsApp for an incredible $19 billion cash and stocks. It’s possibly the largest acquisition in tech history. Jan Kuom and Brian Acton, the co-founders and Jim Goetz, the venture capitalists have all pocketed a nice retirement fund.

There has been competition to WhatsApp from KaKaoTalk, WeChat and Viber. But WhatsApp has…

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Arctic Invasion, Is the Polar Vortex Coming Back?

Arctic Invasion, Is the Polar Vortex Coming Back?

It’s been bad this winter. But it could soon turn worse. Weather pundits are telling us that there’s another round of arctic invasion that’s about to hit us hard. They are even saying that there could be a snowstorm as well. People in northern United States are already talking, is the polar vortex coming back?

Meteorologists are saying that the temperature is going to drop to 30 degrees…

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Bitcoin ATMs Coming Soon to the US

Bitcoin ATMs Coming Soon to the US

There’s a lot of mystery and even controversy about the new digital currency Bitcoin, but it’s becoming popular nonetheless. Well, it has now been revealed that there is going to be Bitcoin ATMs soon. Kiosks are going to be placed across the US that will allow people to buy virtual coins. They will also be able to exchange the coins for cash too.

Robocoin, a company based out of Las Vegas that…

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WhatsApp Voice Calls Within Months

WhatsApp Voice Calls Within Months

WhatsApp, the immensely popular messaging app is going to add phone calls in just months. Jan Koum, the CEO of WhatsApp has revealed that the WhatsApp voice calls are going to be free. Speaking at a Mobile World Congress, Koum says that people should always be able to stay in touch with each others, and it should be really affordable.

WhatsApp is currently free for users for the first year. Users…

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Polio-Like Illness in California Baffles Doctors

Polio-Like Illness in California Baffles Doctors

Doctors are baffled with the emergence of a polio-like illness in California. A few children in California have come down with a paralyzing disease, and its symptoms look very similar to polio.

Neurologists are saying that they have identified five children who developed paralysis in one or more limbs after they received the polio vaccine. The incidents happened between August 2012 and July 2013.…

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Warren Buffett Investment Secrets Revealed In Annual Letter

Warren Buffett Investment Secrets Revealed In Annual Letter

Warren Buffett, the billionaire chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has revealed his 5 golden rules of investing. He says that investors shouldn’t be buying and selling stocks too frequently. The Warren Buffett investment secrets are sure to be closely watched by the market, as he is considered to be among the most successful investors ever.

Buffett is saying that investors need to treat their…

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